1 Sep 2015

Jambul Marg

Mumbai Breakfasts.

Invisible class lines are visible at this street-side idli joint everyday.

The deodarant Class - middle class office goers, students, etc. always eat close to the counter. The shop assistants types take their plates and eat silently a little away from them. The khakhi clad auto-rickshaw drivers stand or sit a little further away. And the most loyal customer at this place, the swachch Bharat safai karamachari (or the poetic in Kannada - Pourakarmika) always sits or stands in a Pluto orbit, almost a planet but treated like a nameless Kuiper belt citizen.

My blogger friend, Suranga Date (blog: Strewn Ashes)  who saw this photograph when I posted it on Facebook has this to say:

On being an Idli in Navi Mumbai.

She sits,
HRH Idli,
always in white

along side the 
chutney sambaar-in-waiting,
and watches her future unfold.

Some junta level types,
breaking her to pieces,
pushing her around
in between
world matters
after a hurried exit
sitting for hours
in a rattling bus.

Some ,
slightly higher class,
taking a quick bite
between carburettor roars
"mulgi shikli, pragati jhali",
watching the time,
enjoying the 
unusual empty space around. 

And some,
supremely high class,
on their first break,
cooking and cleaning,
first for their home, 
then for other homes,
and the Idli
simply basks
in the avid delight,
of being 
finally treated 
as she should always be.
Chappals removed,
hands washed,
and sitting down,
enjoying the taste,
and just wondering,
if Mr Chai might follow,

28 Aug 2015


Ram ram to the man who does his daily commute minus the ranting on social media

27 Aug 2015

Haji Ali

WorkSpace Mumbai.

This is what it took a newcomer to set up his business in our city.

"Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
I lift my lamp beside the bombil scented door.” 

24 Aug 2015

Lady Jamshedji Road

Indian Touristers.

Saw this couple who came out of the office of Mumbai's most popular conducted tour and holiday organisers. They were standing for a long time, looking at the places on the billboard. 

It reminded me of the book by Srinath Perur on the subject of Indians travelling in groups called:

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